harold ramis ::: out-take (november 6th, 2005)

i am very sad to learn today of the passing of harold ramis. forget wes anderson, the greatness of bill murray is nothing without the genius of harold ramis behind it. ramis affected and influenced the perspective and perception of absurdity and humor inherent in a whole generation. his comedy wasn't mean or cruel, but it was sharp, true and always had an element of the fantastic. as a kid, watching his movies i knew that magic could be both wondrous and ridiculous all at once, and to expect anything less would be to sell short both magic and comedy. of course we all wanted to be peter venkman, but secretly knew inside that we really were more of an egon spengler.

i count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph harold ramis, albiet briefly, in a hotel room at the four seasons in beverly hills back in 2005. he was kind and gracious, and i left loving his movies even more. also, he referred to a ring flash as a "bagel light". i can't look at it another way even to this day.

thanks for everything, mr. ramis. you knew even back in the 80s that print was dead. may you continue to collect spores, molds and fungus in the sky.