scott chambliss in print

i recently stumbled upon this spread from my shoot last year for cal state east bay with production designer scott chambliss (j.j. abrams' star trek movies, the upcoming tomorrowland). a big shout out and thanks to art director jesse cantley for the layout excellence.

michael beach for the noble & greenough school

at the beginning of the fall TV season i had the chance to photograph actor michael beach. you might not recognize his name, but you've probably seen his face. mike has been appearing on television in one way or another in countless series, shows and specials for nearly thirty years. some people you meet and it just makes sense that they're successful actors. with a gracious and charming nature, it seemed impossible to take a bad photo of the guy, and mike clearly had more charisma than anyone else in the room. (to be fair, not an especially tough room for this. . .)

i was especially struck by the phrase mike had tattooed on his arm. "hard work wins". when in doubt, keep at it. keep working. keep it going. keep trying. and if you forget, better write it down some place you'll think to look.

mike can currently be seen on the NBC show crisis as the director of the FBI. when this shoot took place the show had premiered a couple days prior, though unfortunately i just read that NBC has decided not to renew it for a second season. IMDB already has mike listed working on the next project, though - a series in postproduction and yet another one filming. hard work wins.