about & contact

1. i took my first pictures as a freshman in college because i couldn’t draw and needed an extra class to qualify for student health insurance. my first paying gig came a couple years later, the interior of a bar in soho, printed 1/4 page in a magazine whose name i’ve forgotten. i got $50. i was thrilled, and also hoped nobody would see it. things have improved somewhat since then.

2. clients include: TIME, people, businessweek, LA magazine, LA weekly, village voice,
the american lawyer, corporate counsel magazine, cedars-sinai medical center, bank of america, merrill lynch, and many colleges and universities around the country. my book, my heart vs. the real world was published in 2008 by cold spring harbor laboratory press, and can be purchased here.

3. i can occasionally be found teaching portrait photography at the college level, or speaking to various groups of designers, art directors, scientists or doctors. despite all of my experiences in high school, i seem to be totally comfortable doing this. go figure.

4. i live in los angeles, california with my wife, young son and a small bobcat, in a house with a hole cut out of the middle. you can see them here.

5. the best part of my job is getting little glimpses into the lives of hundreds of different kinds of people. that being said, some people really need to clean up their houses a little better. i may be one of those people.

6. i’m what might best be referred to as indoorsy.

7. i believe people will read nearly anything as long as it’s in list form.

8. i love words and pictures together. sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but an extra thousand words never hurts. photographs in context make me happy.

9. people who are uncomfortable having their picture taken are somehow comfortable with me.

10. and people who kind of know me will occasionally ask friends of mine, “hey, how’s that skinny guy?”

you can reach me at max [at] msgphoto [dot] com --  or by phone at 424.750.9451